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Ridgeview High has many departments, which provide a wide range of courses to enable our students to achieve proficiency in their chosen course of study and meet their graduation requirements.

Our Counselor helps each student to choose an appropriate individual course of study.

For full information, please see the Student Handbook and Curriculum Guide.

Course/Class Offerings



The following courses are available at Ridgeview High School:


English                                                                 Physical Education                                         

English Literacy                                                    General Physical Education                         

English 10                                                             Independent Study

English 11                                                             Softball

English 12                                                             Rangers PE


                                                                             District Requirements for Graduation

                                                                            Computer Literacy

Mathematics                                                      Career/College prep                                                      

Math Foundations                                          

Math 1                                                                  Electives

Math 2                                                                  CHSEE Math/ Language Arts

Financial Literacy                                                 Yearbook

                                                                             Teacher Aide

Science                                                                Developmental Reading                                              

Integrated Science                                               Office Aide

Rangers Science                                                 Online Courses

                                                                             Rangers Community Service                                                                                                      

Social Science                                                                                                                                                                  

World History                                                                   

United States History

United States Government



Fine/Performing Arts






(*) Competitive sports are against other alternative schools and are not CIF sanctioned. Students must maintain eligibility status through approved standards of academic, attendance and behavior performance.